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Public safety continues to be our priority. We’re doing all we can to keep you safe at our venue. Please remember we do not permit backpacks or large bags and you will be screened upon arrival. Read more about our safety policy here.  Read more
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As this topic is increasingly receiving more exposure we hope this general guide helps our patrons.


The name of the arena has changed - What does this mean?

Our headline Partner is now Utilita Energy, so from now on we will be known as Utilita Arena. More information on Utilita Energy can be found on their website

My Ticket still has the old arena name on – is it still valid?

Absolutely! We will honour tickets already sent out, as long as you hold a valid ticket, these will be honoured. See our buying tickets section for more details on where and how to buy tickets safely.

What else changes?

Our website has changed to www.utilitaarena.co.uk
Our customer services email has changed to [email protected]
Our hospitality email has changed to [email protected]
Our Conference and event email has changed to [email protected]
Our contact numbers remain the same
Our social media handles remain the same
The team here at the Utilita Arena will remain the same

Stay tuned for new and exciting benefits and opportunities coming with our new partner Utilita Energy!

How Do I Book Tickets?

Booking Hotline Number: 0844 493 6666*

Online: Ticketmaster

In Person: Please visit the Utilita Arena Box Office located at the front of the building where our staff will be able to assist you.

Accessibility Bookings: 0800 988 4440 or [email protected]

For more information please visit our buying tickets section.

Venue facility fees of £1.30 per ticket and booking fees apply.

Utilita Arena Gift Card

Why give a Utilita Arena Newcastle eGift Card?
These are great for last minute gifts! They’re also great for knowing a recipient lives nearby and / or wants to attend an upcoming event at the Utilita Arena! You just order online and instead of waiting for a plastic card through the post, we'll email all the details directly to the person you're giving it to. We can do that straight away, or you can choose a specific date – it's completely up to you. 

Purchase FAQs:
Where can I purchase a Utilita Arena eGift Card? 
You can buy online 

Can I send a personal message with the eGift Card?
Yes, you will be given the option to write a personal message when purchasing your eGift Card online. Your message will be included with your order.

Can I order an eGift Card and then forward it to the recipient myself?
Yes, you can collect the e-Gift Card and forward the PDF to the recipient yourself if you prefer.

Can I send the eGift Card to my email address and then print it out for the person I want to give it to?
Yes, you can send the e-Gift Card to your own email address. Once you have collected the e-Gift Card and received the PDF you can to print it off.

When will I receive my e-Gift Card?
Your eGift Card will be sent within 2 hours to the specified email address. Please look in your spam/junk folder. If you still haven’t received it, please email [email protected], and include your booking ref. so we can find your booking.

Can multiple eGift Cards be ordered in one transaction?
Yes, once you have selected the first eGift Card there is a button at the bottom of the screen (next to the “Go to payment” button), which says “add another eGift Card”. You can use these multiple times to add as many eGift Cards as you want, up to the basket limit of £250.00.

Redeeming FAQs
Where can my eGift Card be redeemed?
The Utilita eGift Cards can be used as full or part payment, with or without a credit or debit card to make up the total if needed, in the purchase of tickets, and many of the associated services and merchandise sold online at Ticketmaster.co.uk. 

Can I use my eGift Card in person at the Utilita Arena venue?
Unfortunately, it can’t be. The Utilita Arena eGift Card is only redeemable on ticketmaster.co.uk events.

If I don’t use all the balance on my Gift Card, can it be used later for another booking?
Yes, you can use your eGift Card to pay for multiple bookings until either the balance on the card reaches zero or the card expires.

How do I redeem my eGift Card?
Select the tickets for your event from the Utilita Arena website and you’ll be directed to the Ticketmaster.co.uk website. Once you’ve confirmed your selection you’ll proceed to the checkout page. On the checkout please select eGift Card as the method of payment. Enter sixteen digit eGift Card number, and the 3-digit security number/PIN. If there is still an outstanding balance once you have entered your eGift Card, you can either enter another eGift Card or select another method of payment (credit/debit card), until the total balance is cleared, and the booking is complete.

Where can I find my 3-digit security number/PIN?
The security number/PIN will be contained in the pdf that you receive by email once you follow the link to collect your eGift Card.

General Info:
How do I check the balance on my eGift Card?
You can check your balance on our website 

Does the Utilita Arena eGift Card have an expiration date?
Yes, the eGift Cards expire twelve months after purchase. The expiry date is set when the card is purchased. If you need to check your cards expiry date, you can find it by using the balance check page linked above. The expiration cannot be extended, so please check use to balance checker to clarify when it expires.

What happens if the Gift Card /e-Gift Card becomes lost or stolen?
Your eGift Card will be sent via email and you will have the ability to download a PDF version, which you can save for your convenience.
The Gift Card is not replaceable if lost or stolen, so it's very important that you keep them safe until you're ready to make a booking.

Full T&Cs available online 


Box Office Opening Hours

Please note box office opening hours are subject to change.

Monday - Saturday 11.00am - 3.00pm
Sunday: Closed
Sunday evening events - Box Office will be open from 5.00pm
Weekday evening events open until main act on stage.
Saturday evening events open 11.00am - 3pm then 5.00pm main act on stage.

On an event day the Box Office will be open until the event starts. Any ticket collects including reprints / duplicates and competition tickets can be collected from our Box Office from 2 hours prior to the show starting.

The Box Office will not open early for onsales. All tickets must be purchased online or on 0844 493 6666

Ticketmaster Ticket Enquiries

How do I book tickets now?

Nothing’s changed, apart from our ticketing partner, so you can book tickets just like you always have. Our telephone booking line remains the same and you can buy tickets from our website or in person from our Box Office if you prefer.

Monday - Friday: 11.00am - 3.00pm
Saturday: 11.00am - 3pm
Sunday: Closed

Why have you changed to Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster are the world leaders in ticketing music, sports and entertainment events. Partnering with Ticketmaster now means the ticket buying process will not only be quicker and easier, but you’ll also have access to their world class customer service care.

I have an Eventim ticket for an event at the venue. Is it still valid?

Yes, all tickets purchased previously either from our website or our former ticketing partner Eventim remain valid. You will not be required to change your Eventim ticket for a Ticketmaster ticket. Simply bring your ticket with you on the day of the event and we’ll scan it as normal.

If you have any queries regarding your existing Eventim booking please contact Eventim Customer Services on 0333 344 6250

If you have made a booking via Ticketmaster Website / Booking Hotline Number please telephone their customer services department on 0333 321 9999* for any further assistance.

Conditions of Sale

The promoter and/or Arena operator reserves the right to refuse admission, conduct security searches and make changes to the programme/event if rendered necessary by possible cause.

Tickets cannot be exchanged or monies refunded. It is the responsibility of the ticket holder to ascertain the date and time of any re-arranged event.

The ticket holder is strictly prohibited from bringing backpacks, holdalls, luggage, computer bags and cushions**. Patrons will be refused entry. **Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs.

The ticket holder is strictly prohibited from bringing cameras, video recorders,  iPads and Tablets and any other form of recording equipment,. However some shows do permit the use of small digital cameras, no detachable lenses. 

The ticket holder is strictly prohibited from bringing any glass, bottles or cans into the venue for health and safety purposes.

The re-selling of tickets for commercial gain or profit except by the Arena, Ticketmaster or one of its agents is not permitted and the ticket will become void with the holder being refused entry or ejected.

If you arrive late you may be refused admission until a suitable break in the performance.

Purchase of a ticket does not guarantee 100% view of the event.

Ticket holders are strictly prohibited from bringing into the Arena any food or beverages. 

All entry constitutes consent to search.

Full List of Conditions of Sale

Tickets Frequently Asked Questions

I purchased tickets on the day they went on sale and a friend gained better tickets closer to the event or just after I booked.

This can be for many reasons including:

1. When final size of the stage and production is known more seats may be made available for sale.

2. Unsold returns from Promoters and his contractual allocations (identified earlier).

3. During the booking process those tickets chosen are frozen until the booking process is complete. If that patron does not complete the purchase then those tickets come back into the system to be purchased.

If a show is 'sold out' why are tickets available on the day of the show?

With all shows there are some tickets kept off sale until the stage and production are finally in place on the day of show in case this is larger than indicated. An Artist usually has in their contract that they are allowed a number for their use. Those may not all get used therefore will be released for sale. Some Promoter ticket agencies may not have sold their total allocation and may return some. Most of these returns will go on sale around midday on the day of the show. It is always worth checking Ticketmaster, Evening Chronicle or our Website or listening to Metro Radio.

Why do we charge Booking Fees?

As the ticket price is the property of the Promoter we have to recover all costs of the Box office Service. We are not a heavily subsidized venue as others who can afford to charge comparable fees.

What is the Venue Facility Fee of £1.30 per ticket?

The venue facility fee covers the increased property rates introduced by central government in 2017 and the extensive security measures added for public safety. 

LNER 20% Off Discount Codes


You will receive your unique 20% off discount code via email
The code is valid for 1 year
The code can only be used once on one journey
You will only receive a unique discount code if you are opted in to receive emails from Utilita Arena – you can update your preferences in your Ticketmaster account or you can ensure you are signed up by joining our mailing list here
You will be issued with your unique LNER discount code by the 20th of the month following your original purchase (for example, if you purchase a Ticket on May 15th, you will receive your unique code via email by June 20th).
You must purchase a minimum of one ticket for an upcoming event via our official Ticketing Partner, Ticketmaster
You must be opted in to receive Marketing emails at the time you purchase your ticket/s
Redeem your code via the LNER Website

LNER Terms and conditions

To qualify for the offer you must purchase tickets from the venue’s official ticketing partner Ticketmaster.
Single use promotional codes will be sent via email from the venue that you have purchased tickets for within approximately one month of your purchase.
To receive these emails you need to be signed up to receive marketing communications from the venue, you can update your opt-in preference here: Newcastle arena , York Barbican, Leeds arena
The 20% discount is valid on selected Advance fares only
Discount is available on First Class and Standard LNER Advance fares only
Tickets are available for booking online from 1 April 2019 until 7 April 2020. Please ensure the travel dates are on sale and valid for the date you intend to travel.
Not valid in conjunction with any other offers or with Railcard discounts (if you are booking for between three and nine people the discount will show as small groups booking discount).
Your tickets will be valid on the booked date(s) and train(s) only.
Advance tickets are subject to availability, and there is very limited availability at peak times. Not valid for travel on:

18-22 April 2019

3-6 May 2019

24 May-2 June 2019

13-14 July 2019

1-31 August 2019 (for Scottish routes)

23-26 August 2019

26 October – 3 November 2019

21 December – 2 Jan 2020

If promotional fares do not appear, please change your search criteria.

Usual LNER Advance tickets terms and conditions apply

Third Party Ticket Re-sale Sites

Whilst re-selling tickets is not illegal or against Arena ticket terms & conditions, re-selling for profit is, and it is particularly upsetting and despicable when large premeditated profits are made from genuine fans.

The Arena is constantly monitoring re-sale sites, and has the power to void any tickets found to be selling at a profit. Arena management together with their ticketing services provider Ticketmaster, have identified an individual site who is re-selling Arena show tickets for a major profit in significant quantities.

We will always strongly advise all patrons to purchase from official venue box offices or ticketing services providers such as Ticketmaster for full protection and satisfaction.

I have bought tickets on a third party site, what could happen?

  • If we have spotted them selling at more than face value they could be voided and admission at the event refused.
  • Your tickets may not be despatched from the seller and you are left out of pocket
  • Your tickets may have been re-sold more than once with the seller requesting duplicate tickets, making yours immediately invalid.
  • If you receive your tickets, and they are lost/stolen, you are not covered for duplicate tickets
  • You may not gain entry if it is an event where photo ID must match the customer name printed on the ticket.

How will I know if they are voided?

All initial purchasers are told by letter and told to refund monies to people they have sold to. Whether they will is your risk.

Will I get my money back on voided tickets?

That is between you and whoever you purchased from, not us.

I've seen tickets on a third party site, should I buy?

Our guidance would be that if you want tickets please wait until nearer the event. Sometimes additional tickets may become available when production, viewing and safety issues are completed. If this happens we will also advertise the fact. We DO NOT recommend any purchases other than from an official outlet.

Who are the Official Box Offices?

Direct from Utilita Arena's Box Office, on-line, or by phone via Ticketmaster 0844 493 6666*

Some other examples are; See Tickets – Ticketline - Eventim - Ents24 – Aloud – Songkick – Amazon - AXS - Ticket Factory – Alt Tickets – Music Glue – Twickets – Crowdsurge – Groupon - Ticketzone

Please contact the Arena if you are unsure and to check if it is legitimate site before you buy on: 0191 260 5000*

Accessibility Email

For those with difficulty operating a telephone a dedicated email has been set up to make the process of booking tickets much easier. Please email [email protected].

Please note this email address is strictly only for patrons who cannot operate a telephone, all other enquiries should be made via the booking hotline, no correspondence will be entered into for general enquiries.

Accessible Parking Facilities

We have many designated accessible parking bays available on site for badge holders (the badge holder must be present in the vehicle).

Forthcoming Show Times

All forthcoming events at the Utiltia Arena have specific door times which can be found via the ‘Event Timing’ These are listed as soon as running time confirmation has been received. Please note timings may be subject to change by either artist or management.

Show Production & Staging

On occasions the Promoter of the event may need to make changes to the position of the staging within the auditorium. Any such changes made will be reflected by the venue via an updated layout plan that can be viewed by clicking the event and scrolling down to ‘Seating Plan’. Such changes can generate additional tickets for sale, often just prior to the event when production and layout are finalised.

Ticket Allocations

When a show / event is contracted with a Promoter who hires the Arena to stage an event the Arena retains a minimum of 50% of the tickets across all price ranges and areas of the Arena to sell through our ticketing services provider Ticketmaster and our venue Box Office. In many cases we retain up to 70% of tickets. The Promoter then allocates his tickets to various ticket agencies who are normally national bona fide agencies.

Some of these Promoter / Management / Agents allocation may also be earmarked by the Artist to be sold to their Official Fan Clubs or in V.I.P packages involving meet and greets etc or to Auction Sites.

Additionally the Promoter will have to keep tickets for:

1. Press

2. Record Company

3. Various Sponsors

4. Artists Guest List

5. Promoter Guests

Ticket Prices

These are set by the Promoter and are determined by many factors. Some include:

1. Maximising income for Artist

2. Comparison with other like Artists

3. Different Regions (London prices can be higher)

4. Cost of Production

5. Tickets are subject to booking and processing fees.

6. VAT Currently 20% needs to be included.

7. P.R.S. This is a charge made of 3% of ticket price that goes to the originator of the songs and musicians. Therefore on a £40 ticket, over £9.20 (23%) does not go to the Promoter or towards costs.

On some occasions we are consulted for our views and recommendations however final decision is that of the Promoter.

On Sales

There are an increasing number of pre / priority on sales prior to a General Public on Sale. Some examples of these are:

1. Tour Sponsor

2. Artist Fan Club

3. Promoters V.I.P Club

4. Previous Bookers of Artist

5. Venue Priority Club

Depending on the rate of sales and allocations of these sales will dictate the numbers of tickets for Public on Sale.

We always insist on a good selection still being available for Public on Sale.

Meet and Greet / Backstage Passes / Special Announcements

Unfortunately backstage passes are not available to buy, however selected events may offer VIP tickets to be purchased via Ticketmaster which can include exclusive meet and greets opportunities.

All special requests including birthday announcements, ‘shout outs’ and autographs are dealt with on an individual basis via the artist’s promoter. Any requests can be forwarded in writing to the Utiltia Arena and these will be passed on to the relevant persons in good faith, however we have no influence in any decision.

Children Under 14 Policy

As a responsible entertainment venue, the safety and comfort of our patrons is paramount. This Duty of Care is particularly relevant when protecting minors under 14 years old; as such our policy is that all children under *14 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

For certain shows where the audience is both seated and standing, no one under 14 years old will be permitted AT ALL to stand on the auditorium floor.

Parents should always be aware of their general responsibilities regarding their children’s safety in situations where they are outside their direct control, and indeed legislation detailing these responsibilities.

* Unless photographic proof of age is supplied, Arena staff will make a judgement based on visual appearance prior to entry.

Age Groups

All persons require a ticket for admission into the Arena.

1) Ages 0 – 18months

a) We do not recommend this age group to be brought to the Arena for any Concerts or event Children / Family shows where the music or special effects may have a detrimental effect on the childrens hearing.

b) Very few, if any of our shows have this age group as a target and therefore there is no real need to attend.

c) We would strongly recommend that alternative childcare arrangements are put in place to avoid attendance.

d) Any attendance would be on a paid basis (even if sharing a seat with a parent) unless the Promoter of the show applies a concession.

2) Age 18months – 3years

a) We strongly recommend that this age group do not attend Concerts.

b) It is a parental decision if they do.

c) With regard to childrens shows, in general they do set the sound level appropriate to the age group however if in doubt please consult event details on our website or contact the Arena.

d) Any attendance would be on a paid basis (even if sharing a seat with a parent) unless the Promoter of the show applies a concession.

3) Ages 3 and over

a) Parents / Guardians should think hard about bringing young children to certain Concerts and Comedy Events not specifically targeted at children:

i) Live content is very different from sanitized television shows.

ii) Noise levels at live events can be disconcerting to your children.

iii) If it is a busy event young children can get frightened at lots of adults who may be in a party mood and enjoying themselves.

Can I bring a camera into the Arena?

The official policy of the Arena and the touring shows, forming part of the conditions of sale when you purchase a ticket, is that the unauthorised use of cameras, video and any other form of recording equipment including iPads and Tablets is strictly prohibited. However, some of the shows do permit the use of small digital cameras including, in many cases, 'bridge' cameras (larger digital cameras with zoom lenses that cannot be removed). For the avoidance of any confusion 'professional' cameras with removable and interchangeable lenses are always prohibited. Unfortunately, the camera policy for a specific show is typically only confirmed on the day of the event. We would advise that if you choose to bring a small digital camera to the Arena you must be prepared not to use it if requested not to do so.


For the most part, and unless the promoter says otherwise, we do allow 'small digital' cameras into the shows. THIS INCLUDES bridge cameras.
Large SLR ( i.e. cameras where the lens comes off and can be changed for another one) are never permitted (unless expressly allowed by the promoter), nor are video cameras (even Flips) or audio recorders.

Speaking to a Human

We understand many of you feel frustrated with automated phone systems however these are in place to ensure your enquiry is dealt with in the most effective method. General Enquiries: Please telephone 0191 260 5000. This telephone is staffed during normal office hours and event evenings. Please note outside these hours help will be given as much as possible from our security team.

Smoking Policy and Electronic Cigarettes

The Utilita Arena is a smoke free venue; smoking is not allowed throughout the building

It is possible to smoke outside of the venue; a dedicated smoking area is located outside at the front of the Arena

Electronic cigarettes are not permitted for use inside, due to the sophistication of these devices; it is increasingly difficult to identify guests in the auditorium smoking compared to those smoking electronic cigarettes. To assist with this, guests who wish to use these devices are requested to use the external smoking area.


What are you doing to reduce plastic waste?

We are supporting reducing plastic waste by not providing a plastic bag with your merchandise purchases. If you wish to purchase merchandise you are able to bring a bag for life to take away your purchases in.

The venue regrets due to safety measures reusable bottles and containers and steel straws are not able to be bought into the venue. Our plastic waste is recycled and we will provide paper straws on request.

Prohibited Items

  • Backpacks, holdalls, luggage, computer bags and cushions**
  • Glass, cans, aluminium bottles or thermoses of any kind including any liquid products which can be consumed**
  • Flammable liquids in any container
  • Laser pens/pointers
  • Video cameras and professional cameras
  • Laptop computers, Ipads and Go Pro’s
  • Large/golf umbrellas
  • Knives or weapons of any kind
  • Illegal drugs or substances
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Signs, banners or flags with or without poles, staffs or selfie sticks
  • Animals (except service animals to aid persons with disabilities)
  • Air horns, whistles, cowbells or other noise-making distractions
  • Projectiles (Frisbees, beach balls, footballs etc)
  • Aerosol cans (hairspray, mace pepper spray etc)
  • Fireworks, confetti or glitter bombs or sprays
  • Glow sticks
  • Balloons
  • Use of wheeled footwear, skateboards
  • Food
  • Masks and helmets
  • Large studs and chains
  • Glass bottles of perfume
  • Anything else which we deem to ruin the enjoyment or viewing experience of others
  • Any refreshments or refreshment containers
    Cameras & recording equipment including iPads and Tablets: the unauthorised use of cameras, video, iPads and Tablets and any other form of recording equipment is strictly prohibited. However, some of the shows do permit the use of small digital cameras including, in many cases, 'bridge' cameras (larger digital cameras with zoom lenses that cannot be removed). For the avoidance of any confusion 'professional' cameras with removable and interchangeable lenses are always prohibited. Unfortunately, the camera policy for a specific show is typically only confirmed on the day of the event. We would advise that if you choose to bring a small digital camera to the Arena you must be prepared not to use it if requested not to do so.

    **Exceptions will be made for those with medical requirements and/or special needs, we ask this is communicated to venue ahead of visit for ease of entry.

If needed, Stasher have locations within a short walk to the arena where large bags and items can be stored - Book online - We do not have cloakroom or storage facilites at the arena and you will be directed to the nearest Stasher location. Prices start from £6 per item for 24 hour storeage.

All entry constitutes consent to search. If you refuse an inspection you will not be admitted and will not be given a refund. Patrons will be refused entry if they attempt to enter the venue with the prohibited item.

Lost and Found Policy

If a guest is unfortunate enough to leave an item at the Utilita Arena Newcastle, our policy is as follows:

Items that have been found by our staff will be handed in and stored at the security office. Item details will be logged. We will attempt to contact the guest by phone should contact details be with the item.

Guests to contact the venue about an item of property, by contacting the Security Team on 0191 260 6032, lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To ensure items are returned to their rightful owners as soon as possible, we recommend items are collected from the Arena, manned 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  Alternatively guests can send a stamped self-addressed envelope with a description of the item to: Security Office, Newcastle Utilita Arena, Arena Way, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7NA (once guest receives confirmation that we have the item).

Please note that to ensure safety, any credit/debit cards and cheque books are retained for up to 24 hours and then securely destroyed. Under Government guidelines, any passports or driver licences will be returned to the passport office/DVLA.

Any found property handed into the Arena’s safekeeping which has not been retrieved within 28 days will be given to charity or disposed of. If storage becomes full or creates a safety issue items may be disposed of earlier, items which are perishable will be disposed of earlier.

Complaints Policy

Utilita Arena is committed to providing a high quality service and experience to all our customers. We recognise that we may not always provide the high level of service that we would like and welcome the opportunity to consider and respond to any concerns that our customers may have.

You can notify us of any concerns you may have in relation to the Utilita Arena in a number of ways:

By post to:

Customer Services Department

Utilita Arena

Arena Way

Newcastle upon Tyne


Or by email to: [email protected]

We aim to respond to your concern within 21 working days. In the event that our investigations are still ongoing and it appears unlikely we will be able to respond within our target times, we will inform you of the reason for the delay and provide an estimate of our anticipated response time. We shall keep you informed of progress and respond as soon as possible following conclusion of our investigation. 

Charity Donations

The Utilita Arena prides itself on supporting the North East and its local charities giving back to our community. Please send all formal requests in writing on letter headed paper with where appropriate a registered charity number and we endeavour where possible to be of assistance. This will usually be in the form of complimentary tickets for use during auctions / raffles when available.

Advertising Opportunities

During selected events at the Utilita Arena advertising opportunities are available at a cost. To take advantage of this incredible platform for your business please contact: The Marketing Department, Utilita Arena, Arena Way, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7NA or 0191 260 5000

Job Vacancies

All job vacancies at our venues are advertised via our website, however part time casual positions are looked at on a regular basis for work within our food and beverage department and casual event evening staff. Please send your CV with covering letter to Personnel Department, Utilita Arena, Arena Way, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE4 7NA.

Venue Hire

Required Capacities


Anything from 500 - 10,000 maximum seating capacity – theatre style. We have also catered for gala dinners (800 seated, round tables) and religious ceremonies (9,000 seated conventions) and a 10,000 patron Holy communion.


Maximum 2,500 standing capacity without furniture/equipment.

Maximum 1,200 seated capacity including furniture/equipment.

(Please Note: All room capacities are approximate & subject to event type & requirements) Additional Facilities: Limited breakout rooms available. However, auditorium can be partitioned off (shell scheme/dividers required) to create separate areas.

To make a venue booking enquiry and for further information please visit our hiring the Utilita Arena section.

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