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From kitchen table start-up to one of the UK’s biggest energy challenger brands


Utilita is the only energy supplier created to help households use and waste less energy, by giving them better control via smart digital technology - including a multi-award-winning smartphone app.


Founded in 2003 as a kitchen table start-up by energy industry expert and conservationist Bill Bullen, we are now one of the sector’s biggest challenger brands and Britain’s leading Smart Pay as You Go Energy provider. Thanks to having better control, our customers use around 11% less energy than the average bill paying household. 


Building on our track record of disruptive innovation, we continue to bring genuine change to retail energy - including a national rollout of our high street Energy Hubs. 


We are committed to becoming a net zero business by 2030 and publish our carbon footprint report on a yearly basis, so progress can be tracked.  


Utilita is also home to the #EnergyHigh5, a positive behaviour change campaign designed to educate the nation on how every household can waste less energy and save £££s on their annual energy bill.

Our Energy High 5 campaign, launched in January 2020, shows how households can save up to £163 per year * by making five simple and free-of-charge adjustments to their energy usage.

* Based on Energy Savings Trust Report 2019.

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