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Celtic Tiger - Created & Starring Michael Flatley


  • Date: Sat 22nd April '06
  • Doors Open: 8pm
  • Pricing: £32.50 & £40
Clear Channel Entertainment and Universal Pictures are delighted to announce that Michael Flatley, the internationally acclaimed master of dance, will return to the UK to spearhead his powerful new dance spectacular, Celtic Tiger. The Show will be appearing at the Metro Radio Arena on Saturday 22nd April ’06. With his unrivalled skill and artistry, Michael Flatley ignites the world of dance once again with a bold, dramatic and daring production which fuses the spirit of Ireland and its history with dance and music. The result is an epic masterpiece in which Michael Flatley pushes the creative boundaries to deliver Irish dance as a dynamic and power art form. "Celtic Tiger portrays the oppression of a people and the tiger symbolizes the awakening of their spirit and their struggle for freedom." Michael Flatley Ireland’s history provides a dramatic story board for Michael Flatley, challenging his creative ability to produce a spectacle that is at once provocative and sensitive. The story unfolds with the Celts; as darkness fills the stage, the pulsating sound of tap signals the beginning of a daring production that is masterful in terms of choreography, music, stage presentation and costume design. "The show itself is a 90 minute spectacular. It is very fast moving, powerful and hard-hitting and I think that it is something that you have never seen before." Michael Flatley Images of Irish history fill the first half of the show which ends with the portrayal of the birth of modern Ireland as a nation state and a people who are constantly emerging from the jaws of defeat. The choreography, music and stage presentation combine to create a visionary interpretation of a people’s quest for freedom and the nobility of their spirit. The second half builds on images of modern Ireland and celebrates new life in America and across the globe. The invincible spirit of the Celtic Tiger is the thread that draws the images together weaving a tapestry that is a celebration in dance drama. Celtic Tiger is a highly charged and innovative show with breathtaking special effects making it not quite a stage show and not quite a feature film but uniquely somewhere in between. Controversial and explosive, Celtic Tiger sets new standards in stage presentation and choreography. Celtic Tiger and its musical score represent quantum leaps forward in an arena scale theatrical production. Celtic Tiger heralds yet another defining moment in the career of Michael Flatley. As its creator and choreographer, the artist’s relentless drive and determination converge with his vision of Irish heritage and dance to deliver a show that roars with energy and defiance. Celtic Tiger is a thunderous spectacle that is set to become a global phenomenon thrilling live audiences around the world. For its creator, it is a lifetime’s ambition come to pass. Floyd
  • Date: Sat 22nd April '06
  • Doors Open: 8pm
  • £32.50 & £40
  • Sorry, this event has now passed and ticket sales are no longer available.